Our Activities

For the past 20 years EFA has advocated the inclusion of patient perspective in EU projects and published fliers and documents to promote awareness of allergy and airways diseases. We have also collaborated with various partners to create our own projects and initiatives, working in parallel with European legislation, to move towards achieving EFA’s mission and vision.

EFA’s activities and projects aim to  empower the healthy, those at risk, and people already affected to adopt healthy habits and lifestyles at an early stage detection of the disease. They also serve to draw greater attention from policy makers to people affected by chronic diseases in order to protect their right to best quality of care and a safe environment and to live uncompromised lives. EFA actively follows changes to EU legislation which may directly impact the lives of allergy, asthma and COPD patients and promotes awareness of such impactful changes through correspondence with members and public events at venues such as the European Parliament.

EFA additionally facilitates a variety of internal events and activities throughout the year, such as the Annual General Meeting (AGM), and creates opportunities for EFA members to interact with both the EFA secretariat and the other patient associations from across Europe. Internal activities allow for increasing coordination between the secretariat and EFA members, while providing interactive platforms for mutual information sharing. While EFA may provide crucial updates for EFA members, in return, the EFA members participating raise legitimate concerns and inform the EFA secretariat of additional patient needs.

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