Annual General Meeting (AGM)

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  • Friday, May 11, 2012
  • Charlemont Pl
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Each year the EFA Secretariat organizes an AGM in a city corresponding to an EFA member organisation who volunteers to assist in hosting the event by making recommendations for a venue and other activities. The most recent AGM in 2012 was co-hosted with the Asthma Society of Ireland in Dublin, Ireland and took place on the 11 May. All EFA members are invited to participate, as their votes make key decisions during the AGM, such as the election of the EFA Board Members, applications for EFA membership, approval of the budget for the upcoming year as well as other documents of fundamental importance to the functioning of the organisation. The EFA Secretariat and Board present the overall strategy and work plan for the organisation for the upcoming year while reporting on progress of EFA projects, EU projects and fundraising.

AGM Dublin 2012

for EFA Members and Patient Group Observers
Draft AgendaAccomodation and Registration FormEFA Board Nomination Form

AGM Paris 2011

for Members and patient group Observers
Practical information - AGM AgendaOther AGM documents [link to memebers]- Network Meeting Draft ProgrammeReimbursement, accommodation and registration

AGM Vilnius 2010

EFA Annual General Meeting and 14th EFA Conference: Towards equal access to healthcare for and with people with allergy, asthma and COPD – The Case of Reimbursement and Health Technology Assessment (HTA)ProgrammeRegistrationlocal information on Vilnius

AGM Rome 2009 and Conference on “The Future of Patient Organisations

12 – 13 June EFA Annual General Meeting and 13th Conference: Allergy & AsthmaThe Future of Patient Organisations and 14 June International COPD Coalition and EFA joint First World Conference of COPD Patients: COPD Patient at Crossroads
Click for Presentations and Abstract book Programme

AGM Sofia 2008

Education in Asthma, Allergy and COPDEFA Conference and Annual General Meeting, hosted by the Polish Federation of Asthma, COPD and Allergy Patient Associations – ProgrammeRegistrationInvitation and InformationAbstracts


Efa in meetings

EFA has been busy racing around over the last few weeks (literally!). We participated in the the ELF Lung Run, hosted a stand at the ERS World Village in Vienna, took part in the EMA Patient and Consumer working party, attended a ‘patient think-tank’, received training in health technology and participated in a meeting on paediatric medicines.

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