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EFA Book on COPD in Europe: Sharing and Caring

The EFA Book on COPD was published in June 2010, presenting COPD as a preventable and treatable disease which undermines European society by reducing productivity among the working population, while increasing costs and strains on healthcare systems across Europe. An increasing prevalence of COPD is identified as a serious obstacle for Europe, especially as it remains mostly under-diagnosed with sparse studies to demonstrate the effects of COPD upon

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P-A Association celebrates 25 Anniversary

The AGM of the German member of EFA, the Patientenliga-Atemwegserkrankungen, took place at the end of May this year. The motto of the event was '25 years of celebration', and it also marked the launch of their new ‘Patientenliga-Atemwegserkrankungen award of honour’. The first winner was Professor Heinrich Worth from Fürth, Germany, for what was judged to be his outstanding educational programmes and ongoing commitment to people with asthma

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EFA in the News

EFA was interviewed for an article looking at EU indoor air quality policies. ‘Behind the close doors’ was published on 16 June by Euractiv, an online media tool on EU policy. On World Asthma Day 3 May, EFA sent out two press releases in connectionwith two EU research projects that EFA partners in: ‘Virtual lung models set to personalise asthma and COPD treatment’ and ‘Art contest to show what life is like with asthma’. The contest is

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New video game to promote smoking prevention launched

'Smoky Rabbit' is the name of a new video game just launched to promote tobacco prevention! The game was released on the 31st of May this year, World No Tobacco Day, and is available to play for free on the internet (in English, French, Italian, Spanish and German) and to download from the Apple Store for Iphones and Ipads. During the game, players get messages about the dangers of tobacco smoke, the need to protect oneself from passive smoking and

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New treatment for people with COPD

At the American Thoracic Society meeting this May the results of two major studies demonstrating the effectiveness of a new treatment in the improvement of lung functioning of people with severe COPD, as well as its positive influence on their well-being, were presented. In COPD, the air sacs in the lungs break down, becoming larger and ineffective. The affected area of the lung expands and causes the healthier areas to be squashed and prevented

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Commission launches “ex-smokers are unstoppable” campaign

The European Commission has just launched a campaign aimed at encouraging smokers between the ages of 25 and 34 to quit. Unlike previous campaigns, the focus will be on the advantages to be gained from quitting, from the physical and personal to the financial advantages. It will use ex-smokers and their achievements as role models and the slogan of the campaign will be “ex-smokers are unstoppable”. The main tool will be the iCoach, an interactive

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Recommendations on EMA’s communications on medicines

A new independent survey commissioned by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and carried out by Dr Frederic Bouder has provided several new recommendations on how the EMA – which is responsible for the scientific evaluation of medicines developed by pharmaceutical companies for use in the European Union – could improve its communication on the health benefits and risks of medicines. The report analysed stakeholder expectations and used evidence-based

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