EU Funded Projects


European Asthma Research and Innovation Partnership (EARIP) is a project funded by the 7th Framework Programme (FP7). Europe has around 30 million people suffering from asthma, whose treatment costs about €20 bn annually. Productivity lost through poor asthma control in Europe is estimated to be €9.8 bn per year. Since European countries are among those which are most affected by prevalence of asthma in adults, this project aims to reduce

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The AirPROM Project seeks to coordinate existing consortia with expertise in various fields like bioengineering and computational modeling to develop an integrated multi-scale airways model. The project aims to address research gaps in clinical management of airways disease through the provision of modeling techniques to predict respiratory disease progression and response to treatment. The significance would be an ability to customise a lung model

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Mechanisms of the Development of ALLergy (MeDALL)

The MeDALL Project is funded by the 7th Framework Programme (FP7) as a consortium of 23 partners, of both public and private institutions, which seeks to gather leading experts in clinical allergy (Allergology, asthma, atopic dermatitis, food allergy and pediatrics), epidemiology, genetics, immunology molecular biology, allergen biochemistry and bioinformatics. Together the stakeholders collaborate to investigate the causes of allergy in order to

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Health-Based Ventilation Guidelines for Europe (HealthVent)

HealthVent is a project designed to help develop ‘health-based’ ventilation guidelines for European countries, which would aid in the protection of people in both public buildings, such as schools and nurseries, as well as private property, like homes and office buildings. The project partners bring expertise from medical and public health sciences, engineering, physics, energy, ventilation and other areas, while bringing in experiences of patients

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Unbiased BIOmarkers in PREDiction of respiratory disease outcomes (U-BIOPRED) U-BIOPRED is a research project created under the European Commission’s 7th Framework Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) to increase understanding of severe asthma through analysis and systems biology. The project consortium includes collaboration from universities, research institutes and the pharmaceutical industry, as well as small and medium enterprises (SMEs)

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