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Allergy Awareness Project

The EFA Allergy Awareness Project was launched at the European Parliament on 22 November 2011, which coincided with the publication of the EFA Book on Respiratory Allergy in Europe: Raise Awareness, Relieve the Burden in English. The book included a Call to Action, which has since been placed online to electronically collect signatures for an eventual European Citizens’ Initiative through the European Commission. We would encourage all patients,

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COPD Project

The EFA Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Project is devoted to raising awareness for COPD both among the public and amongst policymakers to make it a greater political priority in Europe. The project was officially launched on 30 June 2010 at the European Parliament with the presentation of the EFA Book on COPD in Europe: Sharing and Caring and the presentation of its Call to Action on COPD . The event, hosted by Member of European Parliament

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EFA “Learn to Live with Asthma” Project

In 2005 EFA completed its project on “Learning to Live with Asthma” aimed at answering important questions for asthma patients about coping with asthma-related problems. The main questions included: -Do you understand your doctor? -Do you have enough support? -What is it like living with asthma at home? -How can you best cope with asthma at work? -What are the issues when traveling with asthma? -How can you enjoy sports with asthma? -How do you

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