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    30% of the European population lives with allergies, asthma and COPD

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    Because breathing is taken for granted, we work for better recognition of chronic respiratory diseases

Enabling Air Travel with Oxygen in Europe Booklet
EFA Booklet:  Stop discrimination against patients on board aircrafts! For patients requiring oxygen on board planes, an ordinary flight can turn into a nightmare. The rules and prices reg ...

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EFA Oxygen Harmonisation Project Calls for Patient Stories and Inquiries
EFA Oxygen Harmonisation project Calls for Patient Stories and Inquiries In order to make the Oxygen Harmonisation Project a great success, it was agreed to collect real life stories and inquiries f ...

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EFA plans new airline oxygen harmonization project
EFA plans new airline oxygen harmonization project All around the world, airlines have separate rules for the use of oxygen in air travel, creating inequalities for passengers who need oxygen suppor ...

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Oxygen Harmonisation Project (closed EFA Project)
Background The EFA Oxygen Harmonization Project was a project officially completed in 2013 and focused on the inequalities which exist in relation to the availability of oxygen during travel on comm ...

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