COPD – Its hard to speak up when you are struggling to breathe.

STRASBOURG, 14 November 2007, World COPD Day, European Parliament EFA-ERS-ELF Press Conference - MEP Catherine Stihler launched a written declaration on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) to help Europe combat the disease. The declaration calls the EU and the Member states to shape up, and work on prevention, equal access to early diagnosis and correct treatment, develop smoking cessation strategies, fund research into the causes, prevalence and treatments for COPD and implement comprehensive smoke free and clean indoor air policies, including publishing EU Green Paper on indoor air quality.
EFA Vice President Marianella Salapatas welcomed the Declaration, invited MEPs to sign it and hopes it will lead to more comprehensive programmes on COPD.

Media pack: Press ReleaseCommuniqué de PresseBackgrounderDocument d’InformationLeaflet on COPD for MEPs -Text of the Written Declaration on COPD, declaration nr 102  – Presentation by M Salapatas EFA at the Launch and by B Mc Nee ERS.

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