Delayed treatment of COPD Causes Avoidable Suffering

BRUSSELS, 6 November 2010 – EFA announced today the finalisation of a book for the first time analysing the ‘state’ of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) in Europe from patient perspective. COPD, although ranked the 4th cause of death in the EU, remains largely unknown. Recognising the urgent need to bring COPD out of the shadows, EFA collected information from patients associations from 12 European countries. The book will be launched on November 17th,  the eve of World COPD Day 2009.

The book sheds light on the inequalities in the understanding, prevention and management of COPD in the various European countries and showcases the striking impact of COPD across Europe. COPD has been neglected by healthcare services, with no diagnosis or misdiagnosis being the unfortunate common themes. Patients and health services are already paying the price. Press Release & Media Kit

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