EFA attends MovingLife project Vision Scenario Workshop

MovingLife is a project that has been set up with the aim of accelerating the establishment, acceptance and wide use of mobile electronic health solutions, known as ‘mHealth’. mHealth uses mobile communications and portable devices – such as smart phones, mobile phones or PDA – to provide health services and health information, and has emerged as an important sub-segment of the field of electronic health (eHealth) in the past few years. The MovingLife project hopes to develop roadmaps for technological research, implementation practice and policy support for mHealth.
On 27 January 2012, the project held a Vision Scenario Workshop in Brussels, hosted by the European Commission’s Directorate General Information Society & Media (INFSO). The overall objective was to create ‘vision scenarios’ of what a possible future with mHealth could look like. To do this, the central discussions of the day centered on the identification of future ICT applications for mHealth and the exploration of how mHealth could be incorporated into everyday disease management.
EFA Executive Officer Susanna Palkonen was invited to speak on behalf of the European Patients Forum and give patient perspective on the future of eHealth and mHealth. During the panel on ‘Future ICT systemic applications for mHealth’ she gave a presentation entitled ‘new technologies, new patients, new networks’. She emphasised that new technology must stem from real patient needs if it is to be of value, and that patient empowerment is the key to the success of all future eHealth and mHealth initiatives. Workshop programme

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