EFA in meetings

This month EFA President spoke about asthma at IMI staff meeting, EFA met with the US COPD Coalition on collaboration as well as European Disability Forum. Other meetings are highlighted in other sections of this ezine.


EFA president tells about asthma at IMI event

The Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) invited EFA’s Breda Flood, as a patient and Scott Wagers, who is among others involved with the IMI funded research project U-BIOPRED, as a doctor on the 25th of March to tell their staff about asthma and how it is to live with it. This was the first of its kind training at the IMI and both Scott and Breda, as well as IMI were happy with the experience. EFA would like to congratulate IMI for this best practise.


EFA met with the US COPD Coalition

John Walsh, the CEO of the US COPD Coalition visited Brussels 13th of March and met with EFA’s Susanna Palkonen to discuss the COPD patient movement in the world and how the two organisations can work together to increase the impact of patient advocacy on access to care and patient centred innovation.


EFA discusses with the European Disability Forum to explore collaboration

EFA’s Antje Fink-Wagner, David Brennan and Roberta Savli met with the European Disability Forum (EDF) to meet with the Transport and Mobility Officer, Marie Denninghuis, to discuss opportunities for collaboration. Topics of discussion included legislation in the rights for passengers during air travel and the exchange of recent activities. EFA appreciates the opportunity to meet with the EDF to align interests and explore possibilities for future cooperation.


Other meetings

EFA’s Roberta Savli took part in the Executive Committee meeting of Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL) on March 14th. Roberta is an HEAL Executive Committee member since September 2012, where she brings patients’ perspective and needs.



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