EFA at the Forum on active and healthy ageing

In the framework of the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations, the Committee of Regions organised a forum to provide local and regional stakeholders with an opportunity to discuss their contributions and related issues on the 14th of February in Brussels. EFA was represented at the forum by Roberta Savli. After a general overview of the subject, given by key EU officials, Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) and European affairs professionals, regional and local actors presented their projects to improve the conditions for active ageing in three main thematic areas; employment, social inclusion and healthy and independent living. Key speakers, such as the Directors-General of DGs Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion (EMPL) and Health and Consumers (SANCO) of the European Commission underlined the importance of active ageing as a tool to limit the negative economic, social and budgetary consequences on societies of an ageing population, as well as the need for intergenerational solidarity to avoid conflicts between elderly and younger populations. EFA has prepared a briefing on EU action on active ageing. Please contact info@efanet.org

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