EFA News: EFA Working Groups on COPD, Allergy and Severe Asthma

Some of EFA’s members participate in working groups designated to serve as forums for discussing specific disease areas. These working groups are open to all EFA members and participants are encouraged to add topics to the working group agendas if issues arise that they would like to discuss. Over the past several months the COPD, Respiratory Allergy and Food Allergy working groups have held various teleconference meetings, during which a variety of information regarding progress on EFA and EU projects, best practices at national level and changes in EU policy have been discussed. The working groups serve to increase the interaction between members and provide an opportunity to voice concerns and experiences within the specific disease areas.  The Severe Asthma working group is due to hold its first teleconference meeting at the end of February. If you are interested in taking part in one of the working groups please contact info@efanet.org.

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