EFA plans new airline oxygen harmonization project

All around the world, airlines have separate rules for the use of oxygen in air travel, creating inequalities for passengers who need oxygen support. EFA’s newest project is the “EFA oxygen harmonization project,” a 2 year project whose aim is to harmonize the situation for airline passengers in Europe.
In late 2011, a draft report was drawn up in the European Parliament calling for persons with reduced mobility and disabilities to have the right to medical oxygen on airlines free of charge. The Parliament will decide by the end of February if it is to go ahead with the draft report in question, and if it does EFA’s advocacy work will center on supporting its adoption by the Parliament.
If adopted, EFA aims to negotiate with the International Air Transport Association (IATA), which represents 240 airlines worldwide, in the development of guidelines for the use of oxygen in airplanes. Look out for updates from the EFA office and in future eZines.

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