EFA Symposium: Patient views on Respiratory Allergy

EFA is preparing to co-host a symposium on ‘Patient views on respiratory allergies’ at the annual European Respiratory Society Congress in Vienna on the 4th of September this year. The symposium, subtitled ‘Raise awareness, release the burden’, will be co-hosted with the European Lung Foundation (ELF), and EFA board member Per-Ake Wecksell of the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association will co-chair the event.


During the symposium, subjects for discussion will include best practices in coping with respiratory allergy and main patient concerns, in addition to others. Primary questions of interest will address how politicians can act to increase political awareness of the disease area, how to promote national prevention and awareness programmes, how to improve training in allergy for healthcare professionals and how best to align healthcare reimbursement policies to support management of respiratory allergy.


For more information on the ERS Congress as well as EFA’s activities there see our EFA In Meetings post.

Efa in meetings

EFA has been busy racing around over the last few weeks (literally!). We participated in the the ELF Lung Run, hosted a stand at the ERS World Village in Vienna, took part in the EMA Patient and Consumer working party, attended a ‘patient think-tank’, received training in health technology and participated in a meeting on paediatric medicines.

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