EFA to host Finnish Allergy Programme meeting in Helsinki

EFA is pleased to announce it will host a meeting to introduce the Finnish Allergy Programme this November, a ten-year government plan to reduce Finland’s allergy burden. 

On the 8th and 9th of November EFA will host a meeting inHelsinki on the subject of the Finnish Allergy Programme. The Programme began in 2008 with the overall aim of reducing the national Finnish allergy burden over the course of 10 years. Its objective is to see prevention increased and attitudes to allergy altered so that common and mild allergies are no longer ‘medicalized’ but supported and severe allergy is properly taken care of. To do this, 6 specific objectives were identified: preventing the development of allergic symptoms; increasing allergen tolerance; improving diagnostic techniques; reducing work-related allergies; allocating resources to manage and prevent exacerbations of severe allergies; and reducing costs related to allergenic diseases. The Programme is government-backed but implemented by 3 NGOs including the Finnish allergy and asthma association, our kind host in November.

The aim of the introductory meeting will be to introduce EFA member country delegations to the Finnish system, provide them with an overview of how it works, how it was developed and is currently being implemented, and to describe what it means for healthcare professionals and those who work in the sector. On the second day meeting participants will have the opportunity to discuss how the ideas contained in the Finnish Programme could be developed and adapted in other countries. For more information contact EFA Project and Fundraising Officer Antje Fink-Wagner: antje.finkwagner@efanet.org    WHO/GARD information on Finnish Allergy Programme

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