Enabling Air Travel with Oxygen in Europe

image of woman with chronic respiratory diseases

EFA is pleased to present it’s publication, Enabling Air Travel with Oxygen in Europe: An EFA Booklet for Patients with Respiratory Disease, in collaboration with the European Lung Foundation (ELF) in September 2013 as a result of the Oxygen Harmonisation Project.

The booklet, which has been endorsed by a Member of the European Parliament, Keith Taylor of the Tourism and Transport Committee, offers practical help for people who have to travel by plane with oxygen, while presenting patient testimonies and offering evidence which points to ongoing discrimination against passengers with oxygen therapy needs. EFA clearly points out the extortionary behavior of some European airlines, who will charge up to 7x the price of normal airfare to provide oxygen to its passengers.

With the information available in the booklet, EFA aspires to present it to the European Commission and push for the goal of standardised medical forms all for European airlines, permission for passengers to bring their own portable oxygen concentrators (POCs) onboard aircraft free of charge and obligate the provision of patients in with oxygen free of charge when requested in advance.

Any inquiries related to the book can be sent to david.brennan@efanet.org.  To request copies of the booklet, please call the EFA office at +32 (0) 2 227 2712.



In the original version of EFA’s booklet, it is stated on p. 39 that “KLM allows passengers to bring their POCs on board their aircrafts for an additional cost of 200 Euro per flight. “  This is an inaccurate reflection of KLM’s policy, which will be rephrased for future reprints to the following:

p. 39 -  “KLM allows passengers to bring their EASA/FAA certified POCs on board their aircrafts free of charge. When requested to provide oxygen, KLM does charge an additional 200 Euro per flight.”  More detailed information about KLM’s policy can be found in their electronic brochure.


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