HealthVent guidelines to be presented at European Parliament event

On the 20th of February from 18.00 to 20.30, MEP Catherine Stihler will host an event in the European Parliament in Brussels to present the results of the HealthVent project. The project, which began in 2010, has developed health-based ventilation guidelines to help protect people in places like schools, nurseries, offices and homes against the health problems caused by poor indoor air quality (IAQ), and to encourage energy to be used efficiently. EFA was a partner in this project and is involved in organising the event.

The results of the HealthVent project are being released at an interesting time: the European Commission has declared 2013 as the Year of Air – to highlight the importance of clean air for all and  focus on actions to improve air quality across the EU (see our EU Policy section) – and it is expected that the EU ambient air legislation will be reviewed. Europeans spend most of their time indoors, and poor IAQ is responsible for 2 million disability adjusted years (DALYs) across the 27 EU Member States per year.

Speakers and participants at the event will include MEPs, high-end researchers, policy-makers, representatives of patient organisations and other stakeholders (more information). If you are interested in attending please email info@efanet.org, indicating if you would also like to attend the standing dinner. Please bear in mind that limited places are available for this event.

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