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The European Association of Systems Medicine (EASyM) is organisation its first conference on October 26th-28th in Berlin, that will gather scientists from all over Europe, including physicians, biologists, health professionals and specialists in mathematical/computational programming. The conference will focus on current examples of Systems Medicine and their ability to shape the future of medical care. 

EFA’s Susanna Palkonen will speak at the event, and will present on the role of patient organisations in Systems Medicine: benefits in patient involvement from bench to bedside.

The aim of EASyM is the implementation of Systems Medicine in clinical research and healthcare in Europe. EASyM has been initiated by the European FP7-funded Coordinating Action Systems Medicine (CASyM, www.casym.eu).

At the 1st Conference of EASyM, cases of successful usage of Systems Medicine will be presented, as well as talks and tutorials about big data, omics, bioinformatics, doctor and patient involvement together with compliance with privacy regulations. 

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