Introducing HealthVent project

EFA is the partner representing patients in a new two and a half year project funded by the EU Public Health Programme: Health based ventilation guidelines for Europe. The guidelines, which will be produced in collaboration with the multidisciplinary project partners in 10 countries, the Federation for European Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning Associations (REHVA), EFA, the WHO European Centre for Environment and Health and the EC Joint Research Centre (JRC), are to form the basis for the revision of relevant building codes and standards, and take into consideration health, energy efficiency, different building types and climate conditions in Europe. Indoor air quality is a key priority for people with allergy, asthma and COPD, and EFA therefore welcomes this partnership and project with practical results, and hopes that it will help to stimulate a strategic approach to IAQ by the EU. EFA’s role in the project, in collaboration with interested EFA members, is to review the evidence, collect relevant information from patients’ perspectives, review the guidelines and disseminate project information to our members and partners. For more information: Project brief

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