Largest survey ever on severe asthma

BRUSSELS, 5 March 2007, Bibliotheque Solvay, EFA Press Conference – A ground-breaking survey revealing the potentially catastrophic impact of severe asthma on the lives of people across Europe has been published in the latest issue of leading scientific journal, Allergy. According to the report, commissioned by The European Federation of Allergy and Airways Diseases Patients Associations (EFA), 90% of the 6 million people in Europe with severe asthma are not receiving optimum care, leading 1.5 million of them to live in “constant fear” that their next attack could be fatal

Media pack: Press ReleasePress Release in DutchSurvey Fact Sheet Severe Asthma BackgrounderStatement of the Editor of AllergySupport President of the European ParliamentRecent Respiratory Milestones in EuropePatient Associations Backgrounder
Press Briefing Agenda – Speaker biographies: D Covey, A Crantz, M Partridge, M Salapatas, E Valovirta

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