May contains/contains food allergen labelling needs improvement

The adoption of the new EU regulation on the provision of food information to consumers by the European Parliament and the Council of the EU was welcomed by EFA as a positive step to enhance the protection of the health of people with allergies. Clear and understandable food information helps consumers make better-informed choices and safe use of food, important for people with food allergy or intolerance or with special dietary requirements because some wrong choices may make them ill or even be threatening for their lives.

On  19 September 2012 EFA’s “Contains/May contain” food allergen labelling event at the European Parliament, hosted by MEP Renate Sommer, addressed these topics and attracted 80 stakeholders to exchange views and best practices on the so-called “precautionary labelling” of prepacked foods.  Below you will find two links to the Press Relese in PDF and Word doc formats for public use in the media.

Press Release (PDF)

Press Release (docx) 

Event Report

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