On the spot: New EFA video with MEP Karin Kadenbach shown at EFA symposium

EFA launched a new video earlier this month in which Austrian MEP Karin Kadenbach speaks about how EFA’s EU work can contribute to concrete change for allergy patients across Europe.

At the annual Congress of the European Respiratory Society (ERS) in Vienna this year, EFA’s Symposium was proud to display a new video of Karin Kadenbach, Austrian Member of the European Parliament, who spoke to EFA on the subject of EU healthcare policy and why EFA’s Call to Action on Respiratory Allergies is an important initiative for European citizens.

In the video Ms. Kadenbach describes the role of the European Parliament in the creation of legislation for EU citizens, and how the Parliament’s ‘Environment, Public Health and Food Safety committee’ (known as ENVI) functions. She explains how the European Parliament interacts and influences the European Commission, which is the initiator of all EU legislation, and how EU citizens can go about making their voices in this process heard. She told EFA that as policy makers are not always aware of the real needs of the citizens they represent, initiatives like EFA’s Call to Action are crucial. She said the ENVI committee is aware of EFA’s efforts to advocate for COPD patients across Europe and urged this effort to continue, as the collection of more signatures for the Call to Action could be the key to transforming political will into concrete EU legislation.

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