Our Values

All EFA members share a Code of Ethics and Conduct  which outlines the principles upon the following:

Accountability and Democracy  – EFA and its members are governed democratically and in the interest of realising EFA’s vision and mission. The highest governing body of EFA is its General Assembly, which consists of all members and meets once a year in the form of the Annual General Meeting, at a minimum, to admit new members, elect the EFA Board members and make all decisions necessary to ensure the longevity and focus of the organisation’s activities. EFA members have an equal status amongst their peers, while the EFA secretariat serves to facilitate and organise EFA activities, rather than make decisions.

Legitimacy – EFA members are all required to be legally registered within their country of origin as a non-profit or charity organisation and have statues or a constitution which enables the democracy of the organisations. EFA itself is registered as a charity, its current identification number being 8024024526, and has both internal rules for its functioning and founding statutes.

Transparency – EFA publically discloses all its funding to the public on an annual basis as it seeks voluntary financial support from mainly outside the organisation.  Although membership fees are a portion of our funding, these are a small percentage of the entire budget, which primarily comes from foundations, corporations, individual sponsors and governmental agencies, which includes European Commission project grants. EFA ensures that all forms of funding are open and transparent, ensuring accountability to its sponsors and partners. No funding arrangement is permitted to interfere with the running of the organisation, its activities or views. As a result, when receiving funding from industry partners, EFA retains a sustainable partnership with industry to ensure its integrity.  All of the organisation’s activities have been reported in Annual Reports since 2005, which are all available for the public to download.

Our Annual ReportAnnual report

The Annual Report, including audited financial accounts and overall budget for the next year is approved by the Annual General Meeting of Members.

Here are the reports from 20132012201120102009200820072006 and 2005.

Our Financing

To see EFA’s Funding Table for the European Medicines Agency (EMA) for the year 2013, disclosing the percentages of the overall budget per sponsor and funding source, please click here. The total breakdown of current funding, including agreements with industry partners, for the year 2013 is as follows:


Membership Fees:   € 12,012
European Commission: € 86,864.66
Funding from Sustainable Industry Partnerships: €508,000
5 Stars***** GSK € 55,000
Novartis € 55,000
3 Stars*** ALK Abelló € 30,000
Almirall € 30,000
AirLiquide Healthcare € 30,000
Boehringer Ingelheim € 30,000
Boston Scientific € 30,000
Chiesi € 30,000
Stallergenes € 30,000
1 Star* Vifor € 10,000
COPD Project: € 63,000
Almirall € 15,000
AirLiquide Healthcare € 12,000
Boehringer Ingelheim € 12,000
Chiesi € 12,000
Novartis € 12,000
Allergy Awareness Project: € 50,000
ALK Abelló € 25,000
Stallergenes € 25,000
Oxygen Project: € 50,000
AirLiquide Healthcare € 25,000
Almirall € 25,000
EU Training Project € 15,000
Novartis € 15,000


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