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EFA's EU Innovative Research Projects event

EFA held a public event on June 17th entitled “Does innovative research for allergy and respiratory disease in the European Union benefit patients?” The examples of AirPROM, EARIP, MeDALL and U-BIOPRED presented four ongoing EU funded projects where patients are actively participating and should stand to benefit from their outputs. The representatives and patient representatives from each of these EU projects had the opportunity to present the ongoing work in their projects and explain how patients have played a meaningful role.

Invitation - EFA event on EU research on allergy and respiratory disease

Panel discussions inquired into the ways in which European patients, research initiatives and the EU as a whole all stand to benefit from such projects. These benefits were assessed from the perspectives of the project coordinators, patient representatives and policymakers.

The event presented an excellent opportunity to demonstrate how patient and researchers can work together on EU funded health projects to deepen understanding of these disease areas and maximise benefits to patients. Final EFA's official event report. Event photo gallery. Final event programme.

Tags: Category: News,Report
Country: EU
Disease area: Asthma,Allergy,COPD
Theme: Healthcare