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Last June EFA Member the French Assocaition for Allergy Prevention (AFPRAL) launched a major awareness campaign to improve knowledge on how to perform lifesaving care in case of anaphylactic shock. The campaign targets children, carers and school staff to ensure they all are aware to the use ot adrenaline auto-injectors to save the life of an allergic person. AFPRAL has developed great materials to maximise the reach of the campaign:

  • Dedicated website: www.urgence-anaphylaxie.com 
  • The book "Anaphylaxis, state of allergy emergency", written by  AFPRAL Spokesperson Véronique Olivier and Dr. Pham Thi Nhan, Pneumo-pediatric allergist, it offers tips and advice for those living with severe food allergies. 
  • 1200 emergency kits: AFPRAL will provide schools with emergency kits to learn the handling of self-triggering pens and transmit this gesture around them; it will include:
  • Allergy emergency action plan

To know more about the campaign, please visit AFPRAL website

Tags: Category: Member news
Country: France
Disease area: Food allergy
Theme: Food labelling