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On the 17th of June, the Council of the European Union issued conclusions on strengthening the balance in the pharmaceutical systems in the EU and its Member States. The Council recognises the importance of medicines for patients and calls on Member States to increase their cooperation and adopt shared health technology assessment methods. The Commission is asked to increase funding dedicated to medicines and explore the possibility to create patients’ registries to assess the effectiveness of pharmaceuticals.

Although pricing and reimbursement of medicines is a competence of the Member States of the European Union, these conclusions underline the importance of access and equality to a fundamental pillar for our health, medicines. These conclusions put the issue of access to medicines, affordability and innovation in the EU political agenda.

Pharmaceutical industry, patient organisations and other stakeholders will be part of a constructive dialogue to ensure future developments of new and innovative medicinal products that address patient needs and to guarantee a better sustainability in each EU member state.

Please access the full text of the Council conclusions here.

For more information do not hesitate visiting our medicines and clinical trials section of the website.

Tags: Category: News
Country: EU
Theme: - Inequalities, - Reimbursement, Medicines