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EFA Member the Finnish Allergy and Asthma Federation organized its scent sensitivity campaign for the third time last November attracting media attention and visibility to the problem of fragrances.

Hundreds of organizations were invited to participate in this campaign, and the participants were listed on the campaign’s own website www.tuoksutonviikko.fi

Around 3,000 posters, available in Finnish, Swedish and in English, were ordered for municipalities, theaters, sports centres etc, to inform about scent sensitivity.

The association organised many activities that led to them to succeed. Among them a press meeting ahead of the campaign that gathered 30 reporters, ensuring good coverage on weekly and monthly magazines. Their press release was also widely used by newspapers and radio channels during the campaign.

The Finnish Allergy and Asthma Federation also mobilised many patients on social media, with daily updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They organised five different live castings proposing a space to experiences about the scent sensitivity from different angles. 

Tags: Category: Member news
Country: Finland
Disease area: Asthma,Allergy
Theme: Air quality, - Indoor air quality, Chemicals