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Physical activity is recognised to bring relevant benefit to COPD patients, from improved health-related quality of life to reduced risk of hospital admission and mortality. However, when exercising, patients suffer from breathlessness and are often forced to limit their efforts to avoid other symptoms. Thus, it is difficult to keep a certain level of activity in the long term and motivations often play a key role.

Many patients within our EFA network are continually engaged in physical activity, also thanks to the help of the people around them.



EFA COPD MOVE project wants to give voice to all COPD patients who are benefiting from exercises with the final aim of motivating other people in following their example. At the beginning of 2017, we started to publish videos where COPD patients from our network show, together with their caregiver, what kind of exercises they do. They share what motivates them to keep going and what are the benefits of their activities. Moreover, we have also launched a set of recommendations and demonstrations, a tutorial, prepared by a COPD patient under the advice of a physiotherapist and a pedagogical and didactical expert.

All the material produced within this project is being promoted through our channels, social media networks (Twitter and Facebook) and our members in Europe.

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