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Physical activity is recognised to bring relevant benefit to COPD patients. However, breathlessness during physical activity limit patients’ efforts to avoid other symptoms . Consequently, decreasing physical activity is linked to lung function and health status exacerbation and, therefore, the risk of hospital admissions and mortality increases . Thus, patients who maintain their physical activity improve their health-related quality of life .

COPD MOVE project was created to raise awareness about the benefits of practicing physical activity among COPD patients and to motivate them in taking own initiatives with the aim of slowing down the progression of their disease.


HOW TO STAY PHYSICALLY ACTIVE? Learn from other COPD engaged patients

At the beginning of 2017, we started to publish a series of videos where COPD patients show, together with their caregiver, what kind of exercises and sports they do. Patients share what motivates them to keep going and what are the benefits of their activities: engagement with physical activity and regular sport practice helps to improve breathing status and quality of life as well as hope for physical and psychological progress. Moreover, sports groups and support from caregivers make the activities more enjoyable, ensuring continuous trainings and self-steem improvements.



“I encourage other patients to move, even if only doing household tasks, going shopping if they can. They should only do what they can within their means, according to their abilities, and their inclination too” - Marie Henriot, December 2017



“After the training, in general, I always feel really good and really happy from having done it” - Ersilia Cimino, November 2017

 Newsletter12 2017COPDMove italy


"We don’t need to say that much to understand each other. It is a laugh and a cry and it is really good to have that" - Peter Van der Veeken, October 2017.

COPDMOve Netherlands


“Sport has been highly beneficial for my breathing” – Joan Alonso, June 2017.

COPDMove Spain Joan


“I exercise to keep my health relatively stable, a weight-training facilitates breathing and that helps me get more oxygen”. […] “Practicing your favorite sport in a group it is the best way to ensure continuity in your training” – Tobias, June 2017.



“Just give a try and start training on a regular basis. It will help you” - Eva Angorsova, May 2017.

Newsletter 092017 COPDMOVECzech Republic


“I have felt a lot of improvement in my physical health, because I feel better, I increase my efforts; I have stopped using a cortisone inhaler” – Zeca, May 2017.

COPDMove Portugal Zeca


“I thoroughly enjoy it, so that is the half of the battle” - Janet O’Leary, April 2017.

COPDMove IR Janet


“If you are active, your quality of life will increase and you live longer” – Michael Wilken, February 2017

COPDMove Germany


“The very moment you actively engage, you are becoming more hopeful and depression recedes” - Günther Hirsch, January 2017.

COPDMove Austria





EFA launched a video tutorial to train at home, including a set of recommendations and demonstrations under the advice of a physiotherapist and a pedagogical and didactical expert. The video consists of 10 simple exercises which can be done at home with just a few simple aids. When starting to exercise repeat as often as you can and rest for about 1 minute between sets. To achieve a lasting effect, plan to train at least 3 times per week. If possible exhale through the mouth with the lips pursed during the high intensity phase.




COPD is a progressive disease that affects approximately 5-10% of all adults in European countries. However, this disease is not really known in Europe in spite of being ranked the 4th disease of the World Health Organisation’s mortality list, and it will be the 3rd leading cause of death by 2030. Consequently, there are some minimum standards of care that patients suffering from COPD still need to achieve.

For this reason, patients need to address to doctors and healthcare managers but also to politicians and policy-makers to work on early diagnosis to reduce patients’ suffering and disease cost in Europe. In addition, patients also require equal access in smoking cessation programmes as well as respiratory therapy to promote physical practice to improve patients’ quality of life.



All the material produced within this project is being promoted through our channels, social media networks (Twitter and Facebook) and our members in Europe.

COPDMove was co-funded by EFA's sustainable funding partners Astra Zeneca, GSK and Novartis.


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