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Since the beginning of the year we have introduced you to COPD patients who help themselves through regular exercise in their own terms. People like us who one day get the heavy diagnosis of a tough, potentially deteriorating disease. They decided to face it and not to give up. 

In our new #COPDMove video, we met Joan Alonso, a Spanish 75 years old COPD patient who has not let COPD stop him thanks to sport. Every day he goes to the gym because “the word  ‘I can’t’ must not exist when you live with COPD”, he claims. Exercise has improved his life: he is fit to spend time with his friends, he enjoys his grandson and lives to the full.  But Joan has another secret to keep in shape…

Watch and discover Joan’s secret: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3LuDWKa6U4

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