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According to a new health impact modelling, in 2015 the EU’s coal fleet alone was responsible for an estimated 19,500 premature death, 10,000 cases of chronic bronchitis in adults and 458,000 asthma attacks in children. That is why EFA stands up together with Health and Environmental Alliance (HEAL), and the rest of civil society organisations to ask for a Europe free of coal by 2030.

The “Europe beyond Coal” campaign has been launched in connection with the world climate conference, COP23, that took place in Bonn (Germany) from November 6-17. The objective is to call on the European Union (EU) to hasten the move away from coal and other fossil fuels and towards clean renewable energy.

In this sense, Europe Beyond Coal partners have challenged the EU to take five actions to bring an end to Europe’s most harmful fuel. In brief, these actions are:

  1. Stop coal subsidies
  2. Cutting surplus pollution permits and ensuring modernisation payments don’t fund coal
  3. Support communities to move away from coal and into safe and sustainable employment.
  4. Commit to renewables
  5. Enforce and strengthen EU protections on air quality

Check the full proposition in detail here: http://env-health.org/IMG/pdf/11.02.17_five-eu-actions-to-take-europe-beyond-coal.pdf

Want to get active? Sign the petition: https://beyond-coal.eu/take-action/ and share the campaign: http://beyond-coal.eu/

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