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    Because breathing is taken for granted, we work for better recognition of chronic respiratory diseases

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EFA Director of Policy and Strategy Roberta Savli attended the VSK exhibition in Utrecht on the 7th of February, an event that brings together experts from the heating, plumbing, climate control and refrigeration technology sectors, with the objective of building better, smarter, energy-efficient houses, buildings and industrial environments.

While we advocate towards policy and decision-makers to advance protective laws on air quality, we also approach industry, through our presentations in conferences and in events like the VSK exhibition. Industrial companies and researchers have the key to develop airflows and technologies that do not harm our health.

EFA has been advocating for better indoor air quality since its creation in 1991. People spend 60-90% of their life indoors – at home, school, the office, inside restaurants. A clean air indoors is crucial for public health and particularly important for vulnerable groups such as people living with respiratory diseases and allergy.

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