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In December 2018 and January 2019 we organised follow-up calls with EFA Working Groups to discuss hot topics and share national experiences important for allergy and airways diseases patients.

Food Allergy Working Group focuses on food allergy management

EFA Members of the Food Allergy Working Group shared their national advances on the implementation of the EMA recommendations on prescribing two auto-injectors per patient. They also updated other Members on the inclusion of children with food allergies in schools and their work against ambiguous labelling in precautionary allergen labelling (PAL). The group is closely following the Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) on unintended allergen presence and risk assessment.

COPD & Asthma and Allergy Working Groups discussed access

Access to healthcare, treatments and diagnostic tests have been at the centre of the working groups. EFA Members discussed several ways of campaigning for better indoor and outdoor air quality and the implementation of smoking bans at national level. Some of the members shared their current efforts to train healthcare professionals at primary care level on pulmonology and COPD.

Patient Education Working Group shared best practices

The exchange of knowledge between EFA Members focused on how to improve patient education and patient empowerment at national level. An active discussion happened around how to prepare for a medical consultation for a patient. Online tools developed by EFA members were presented on pulmonary rehabilitation and on what might be exacerbating asthma among patients. 

Atopic Eczema Working Group draws attention to the disease

In the relatively new working group, established in 2017, EFA Members shard best practices and ideas to improve awareness on the disease. We discussed further cooperation between EFA and Members to organise the 2nd European Atopic Eczema Awareness Day in 2019.

Environmental Determinants Working Group will be dissolved

Instead, the group will be called Prevention Working Group. The official launch will happen at the EFA Annual General Meeting 2019 and patient representatives will be gathered to be part of it.

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