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Our study ITCHING FOR LIFE – Quality of Life and costs for people with severe atopic eczema in Europe continues to be to date the largest survey conducted in Europe on quality of life, with 1,189 severe atopic eczema patients interviewed in nine European countries.

The importance of the study was recognised by the scientific community as well, and we are proud to share with you three articles that have been published recently.

The main one, which summarise all the results, is entitled Atopic eczema: burden of disease and individual suffering - results from a large EU study in adults and it was published in April 2019 on the Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology.

Other two articles focus on some specific aspects of the study:

We wish to deeply thank the authors of these articles, from EFA and EFA Members, as well as the medical advisor and patients who participated in our survey.

Find the Itching for Life report in 9 European languages, here.

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