Today is World Asthma Day: All severe asthma is not the same!

BRUSSELS, 4 May 2010 – One person still dies of severe asthma every six hours in Europe. In order to inform patients, the public and healthcare professionals on severe asthma and research progress, the U-BIOPRED consortium is launching its website today! EFA is a proud partner of the U-BIOPRED.

Too few therapies are successfully developed for severe asthma and the U-BIOPRED project aims at fostering the development of targeted therapies, by proving that no one is average. At the end the hope is to have a new definition of severe asthma, and a new way of working together on improving the lives of people with asthma, acknowledging that asthma is not a single disease, but vary from one patient to another. Press releaseU-BIOPRED website

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