Urgent need for change and an EU strategy to fight COPD

BRUSSELS, 18 November 2009 , World COPD Day – EFA launched today the ‘EFA Book on COPD in Europe – Sharing and Caring for the first time from patient perspective comparing the care of people with COPD from patient perspective in 12 countries. The book sheds light on an “underdiagnosed, undertreated and neglected disease”. Mrs Catherine Stihler, MEP said “I highly commend the work of EFA. It is vital that people across Europe and the world are made aware of COPD. At least 44 million people across Europe are suffering from the disease, and the figure is set to rise each year”

“COPD is sometimes considered as part of the discussions on various related EU policy initiatives including outdoor and indoor air pollution, climate change, product regulations, and tobacco control. However, no dedicated EU strategy has been adopted on respiratory diseases yet and the topic needs to be tackled directly,” urged Marianella Salapatas, EFA President. “We are calling on the EU Commission to establish a EU framework for sharing best practices on COPD management by the end of 2010”. Press release and Media kit and EFA Book on COPD in Europe – Sharing and Caring

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