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EFA is happy to accept applications from any European patient association with specialisation in allergy, asthma or COPD which demonstrates interest in joining and fulfill the membership criteria. Read more

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We encourage companies, foundations and individuals wishing to support EFA’s work and projects led by patients. We focus on a wide range of topics, including increasing awareness, improving access to quality care, boosting health literacy and disease self-management, investing in prevention and early diagnosis, and tackling inequalities, among other topics. Read more


Your support will help us continue to represent patients and caregivers in Europe. Will enable us to shape a future where allergy and respiratory diseases are a disease of the past and patients are fully empowered to have a good life despite disease. Read more

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Your experience is enriching to us and can push forward EFA’s calls to have the best quality care, uncompromised lives and have right to a good environment. If you share the same aims we do, we can reflect your testimony, ideas and place them at European level. Your input will help us represent you better and all other patients in the same situation. Read more

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