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Starting from mid-April, the EA2 Youth Parliament will be a forum where young allergy and asthma patients and future doctors from all over Europe will share their needs, experiences and best practices, among themselves but also with policymakers at a national and European level.



  • Young patients have different needs, possibilities and priorities. Who could better talk about those needs than them? Therefore, let’s show policymakers, especially the Members of the European Parliament Interest Group on Allergy and Asthma, how they best can support millions of young patients in Europe
  • We believe that healthcare professionals can be first-hand partners to overcome challenges and obstacles for young patients
  • As a digital natives, we know members of the EA2 Youth Parliament will come up with innovative and unconventional ideas and approaches that help shaping health management digitally
  • Being part of an international young patients group allows sharing experience, best-practice and actively working for a better health of millions of young people in Europe


Backed by the European Allergy and Asthma patient community, the EA2 Youth Parliament will consist of 15 patients and around five advanced medical students, acting as scientific advisors.


The members of the EA2 Youth Parliament will work on specific recommendations to be presented to policymakers by the end of the year, providing guidance on how they can support millions of young patients in Europe. Yet those recommendations need a scientific base and a clinical angle. Therefore, we are inviting young healthcare professionals and medical students to join the EA2 Youth Parliament to ensure the recommendations are ambitious, but at the same time technically feasible and practicable.


The first edition of EA2 Youth Parliament runs from April 2020 to December 2020. It is planned to continue this initiative in the following years.

By whom?

The EA2 Youth Parliament is established by EFA, a European federation uniting 43 patient organisations from 25 countries, working for more than 200 million people living with allergies and chronic respiratory diseases all over Europe.

So if you...

  • are an advanced student of medicine, interested in the fields of allergology or respiratory disease (PhD student or equivalent), or
  • are an advanced student in the fields of medicine- and health-related technologies
  • are below 35 years of age
  • have a working knowledge of English
  • are committed to attend in virtual meetings throughout the year and provide your scientific advise
  • want to get deep and personal insights into young patients needs and experiences when it comes to diagnosis, disease management, treatment and care
  • want to make the youth voice heard by policymakers and help improving the situation for millions of young patients in Europe

… then you should definitely become a young scientific advisor in the European Allergy and Asthma Youth Parliament!

Don’t hesitate to contact us on Social Media or via email with subject “EFA Youth Parliament”.

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