Featuring members of the Youth Parliament, the video shows the group’s spirit as they present their achievements and how to get involved with the Parliament. With subtitles in English, each member presents an aspect of the Youth Parliament in their own language to underline the European and united nature of the Youth Parliament, including non-EU members, as they connect and work together even online.

The Youth Parliament reached key results in 2021, by building a network and actively participating in several events and policy consultations. As we are facing an increasing number of allergy and asthma patients across Europe in the next decades, impacted by pollution and climate change, this will greatly impact young people. It is estimated that around 13.5 million people live with asthma, allergies and atopic eczema in Europe, when including people under the age of 25. By the end of 2025, it is predicted that every two people will suffer from allergy and asthma in Europe.

As the Youth Parliament grows, it sets out to build a long-term strategy for young allergy and asthma patients from across Europe to develop their voice in policy advocacy while facing challenges and opportunities in prevention and care. Together, the Youth Parliament is building the next generation of leadership that is fundamental to advocate for the issues of the next generation on an increasing social cleavage.

The video will be used as part of a recruitment campaign in 2022 to invite more young patient advocates to join the Youth Parliament and build their confidence and skills in European advocacy.

If you are interested in joining the Youth Parliament, apply by visiting this page.