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08 April 2024
Asthma , COPD, Other Diseases
COMMUNITY, - European Lung Health Group

EFA presented the #KeepBreathing campaign – led by the European Lung Health Group (ELHG)  to reduce the fragmentation of knowledge and policies around lung health at the European Lung Foundation event on the 2024 elections and discussed the opportunities to prioritise lung health in the new political agenda.

On 12 March, EFA Director of Policy and Communications, Isabel Proaño, presented the European Lung Health Group’s (ELHG) #KeepBreathing campaign at the European Lung Foundation’s (ELF) EPAP Live: Election Special, discussing how to advocate for policies for lung health to be discussed on the the upcoming national and European elections in 2024.  

IP at ELF Capture

Health advocate speakers and participants discussed how patients and patient groups can influence the debates generated around the election periods at both national and European level. All agreed about the importance of patient advocacy and engagement with politicians on vital topics for lung health and care. EFA presented the ELHG’s #KeepBreathing campaign, a joint advocacy effort of nine European level organisations to reduce the fragmentation of knowledge and policies around lung health at the European level.  

Lung health policy that helps Europe to #KeepBreathing

Since 49% of the global population will be voting in the elections this year, every patient can have in mind that their vote can shape lung health policies and care in the national, regional, and local context, and especially in the EU (elections to the European Parliament in June 2024. 

Lung health is the result of many interventions and policies together: from prevention and public health policies related to air quality indoors and outdoors, and eradication of smoking, to healthcare policies on early diagnosis and access to treatment, to research enhanced by investment and focus on patient-centric results.

Currently, 87 million Europeans are living with a lung condition in the WHO Europe region. Patients are encouraged to make use of the facts and evidence testifying that respiratory diseases are some of Europe’s biggest killers and a significant burden to healthcare systems and society.

The #KeepBreathing campaign proves that there is strength in numbers, and a united respiratory community with a holistic view on lung health can help bring this topic to the forefront of EU policy discussions.

This is why the ELHG’s message is clear: lung health should be a priority at the EU level. The time is now for a policy that helps Europe to #KeepBreathing.  

How to join the #KeepBreathing campaign

Watch the recording of the EPAP Live: Elections Special event here, and find out more about the #KeepBreathing campaign and the work of the European Lung Health Group here.