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The Finnish Pulmonary Association Heli launches a video with healthy tipsFIN - Change hour video A few days ago, European clocks felt back an hour to mark the end of the European summer time: with the change, we can enjoy an extra hour of the morning light. For EFA Member the Finnish Pulmonary Association Heli this hour should not only serve to save energy, but also to invest in our health. The association has launched a nice campaign encouraging respiratory patients suffering from diseases like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) to use the new hour wisely: checking their symptoms or doing healthy activities every day. Check their video to find the ideas you can put in practice to improve your health! The German Patients League brings the patient perspective to the 2014 Biomax Symposium GER - Wilken discussion_1EFA Member the German Patients Liga, represented by Michael Wilken, brought the patient perspective to the 2014 Biomax Symposium, celebrated on the 5th September. The 2014 Biomax Symposium on Translating Systems Medicine into Practice addressed the challenges and opportunities of using systems medicine in diverse healthcare settings. Mr. Wilken addressed panelist and particpaticipans with the patient perspective on the challenges to implement systems medicine programs. The Portuguese Association of Patients with COPD and other Respiratory Diseases launches the Oxygen Booklet The Portuguese Association of Patients with COPD and other Respiratory Diseases (RESPIRA) launched on 29th October the Portuguese version of the “Enabling Air Travel with Oxygen in Europe” booklet. The event gathered  more than 60 participants from all sectors (health officials, members of Portuguese Parliament, sponsors, scientific partners, airline representatives, the Airport Authority and journalists) as they were attracted by a paper plane that contained patients’ testimonies.POR - Paper plane During the event, RESPIRA President Drª Luisa Soares Branco, a COPD patient who needs continuous oxygen therapy, described the obstacles she faced when travelling from Lisbon to Rome to attend an EFA general Meeting and explain the objectives of this project where RESPIRA is together with EFA for policy change at all levels. Professor Cristina Barbara Academic, Pneumologist and Chair of the Portuguese Programme for Respiratory Care, draw the attention to the problems that chronic respiratory patients face when they need to travel by plane with oxygen, the unacceptable inequalities, the discrimination and the added costs that those patients suffer throughout Europe. João Didelet, a heather artist and RESPIRA ambassador, read excerpts from patients’ testimonies in a very moving way. Surprise, emotion and an explicit interest in knowing more ¡about the project and how to improve daily live for COPD and respiratory patients, was the general feeling at the end of the meeting.