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02 June 2016
- Healthcare, - Digital Health

In May, we had the opportunity to promote the results of our Health Literacy, Young Patients with Asthma and Adherence to Treatment report, among healthcare professionals, as we were invited by the International Primary Care Respiratory Group, to present our main findings in their Congress in Amsterdam.

Our past President Christine Rolland explained how the survey provides an important missing link to the understanding of adherence in asthma therapy: the view of adolescent patients. She presented the key impactful factors identified (forgetfulness, rebellion, good days, support, carelessness and ignorance) and how EFA is working to have the report recommendations integrated into EU initiatives and policies on chronic diseases and national health coordination and sustainability plans as well as to the primary care!

EFA Communications Manager Isabel Proaño also signed a blog entry in MedTech view presenting the main recommendations arising from the HEY YA! Report and how they can already start being implemented in mobile health for asthma.

In addition, we are happy to announce that in May the literature review for EFA’s Recommendations report was officially published. The article analysed 652 articles of which 304 were screened based on title and abstracts. Ninety-one of the screened articles were then selected for full-text assessment resulting in 42 articles for in-depth analysis. The researchers found that working with this particular age group (12-17 years old) is complex and further research in understanding adolescent's behavior, motives, beliefs and perceptions towards adherence to asthma treatment is required to guide them towards better self-management and acceptance of their condition. We thank sincerely professor Helmut Brandt (who else?) from the Maastricht University for his scientific leadership in this.