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Are you or someone you know going on a trip and need to have medical oxygen therapy on-board a plane? We are delighted to launch a new EFA website to guide people with COPD and any other respiratory patients who need oxygen therapy to take the necessary precautions to have a pleasant journey, from airport and airline procedures, towards a safe arrival.

The new EFA website Steps to take to fly with medical oxygen ( is a tool for patients looking for information about how to arrange a trip by plane when they need oxygen on board.

Our website has looked into how the mobility rights of EU citizens are applied when the citizen needs medical oxygen on board. Taking into account transport, mobility, access and anti-discrimination regulations, we have built a website that explains the steps patients needing oxygen need to take, depending on their treatment and travelling preferences, to have a smooth and pleasant trip.

Steps to fly with medical oxygen is a user and patient friendly website, that has been designed to be accessed through a mobile device, especially from an airport if a patient has doubts about what is applicable by law in his/her case.

We are also collecting experiences from passengers with medical oxygen, either through our website or using the twitter hashtag #FlywithO2, to show that it is possible for patients to fly with oxygen but that sometimes there is little information on how to do it.

What has been your experience? Leave us a comment!