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09 November 2017
- Air Quality

The ITRE committee of the European Parliament (Industry, Energy and Research) voted last 11th of October not to include binding provisions to improve the quality of the air in indoor spaces. The ITRE vote is slightly worse compared to the text adopted in the ENVI committee in September (Environment and Public Health). While in the ENVI opinion indoor air quality and its effects on health were put forward, ITRE has chosen to substitute air quality by considerations on indoor environment and indoor climate, both wider concepts to be determined but that encompasses also other factors, such as thermal comfort and lighting.

Despite this scenario, some of the provisions proposed by ITRE represent positive changes to improve the status of our buildings in Europe. In particular, energy levels as shown in the certificates should be calculated to maximise health and indoor air quality considerations. In addition, Member States should establish inspections for air conditioning and ventilation systems in residential and non-residential buildings in Europe, subject to the respect of certain conditions. Finally, EU countries should ensure that, when buildings are undergoing major renovation, high-efficiency alternative systems that encourage healthy indoor climate conditions are preferred.

The Parliament revision of the directive will be then discussed at the Council of the European Union level, although Member States would prefer to be even less ambitious than Parliament when it comes to the renovation of buildings, which could therefore result in less air quality considerations. EFA will keep on advocating for more clear and mandatory provisions on IAQ.

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