Capacity building

EFA aspires to further empower its members towards effective, representative and independent allergy and chronic respiratory disease patient groups by creating opportunities to build members capacity.

EFA’s activities and projects aim to support our network of patient associations in order to have a strong presence, structure and voice at national level so that their efforts can be voiced and translated into European policy.

For that purpose, we annually organise several trainings and workshops aiming to increase understanding of EU institutions as well, increase the number of patients and countries represented in the EU decision making process.

This year the trainings are meant to support you to have a strong presence, structure and voice at national levels in order to translate them into European policy and action and so that together we can tackle the biggest political issues on the horizon. They will be online sessions called "webinarsmore", which you will be able to follow from your home or offices.

What is the format of the webinars?

  • We are addressing six topics: fundraising, governance, communication, membership, project management, advocacy.
  • Each topic is composed of two webinars, a first one of an hour and the second one lasting 1h30. 
  • The language used is English and the material presented is available to all participants.
  • EFA members will also be invited to share their best practices on each of the topic identified.

Did you miss the sessions? The webinars' presentations are available here under!

  1. Communications session 1 and Communications session 2 with Vicky Marissen, Partner at EPPA a specialist management consultancy, specialised in trainings on communication. What does it take to be a good communicator? What are the components of good communication strategy? How to use social media? 
  2. Governance session with Elena Balestra, Membership and Capacity Building Officer at the European Patients Forum (EPF), an umbrella organisation which works with patients' groups in public health and health advocacy across Europe. Learn more on the skills, tools and frameworks you need to boost your organisation’s performance.
  3. Membership session with Elena Balestra, Membership and Capacity Building Officer at the European Patients Forum (EPF), telling us more on overcoming challenges towards engagement and tips and tricks on membership building. 
  4. Patient advocacy session 1 and Patient advocacy session 2 provided by Tamsin Rose, an expert in providing strategic advice on health and civil society development. She taught us more on training patient leaders to develop effective advocacy skills to influence national and European health policies.
  5. Fundraising session 1 and Fundraising session 2 with 

    Antje Fink-Wagner, EFA's Corporate Relations and Fundraising Manager, adressing the

     setting of a fundraising plan, tips and tools needed for an efficient fundraising for your organisation and for funding specific projects.

  6. Project management session and Project management session 2 with Hans Wolters, from the Organisational Development Support (ODS), a consultancy specialised in trainings on project management. Introduction to project management, useful programmes and tools, how to maximise the impact of your projects.

To discover more on the agenda and register for the upcoming events, follow this link!




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