EFA Board

EFA President - Mikaela Odemyr

Since 2010 I am a Board Member of the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Foundation and since 2013 I am 2nd Vice-President. I have worked and still work for a non-profit organization Asthma and Allergy association Svalan in Örnsköldsvik. All my children have asthma and allergy so the last 19 years I have been dealing with those issues. I am a fighter but in a positive way. The last 10 years I have been giving speeches about living with severe asthma and allergy. I want people with asthma and allergy to have a good life with good care and the possibility to be a part of the community, not to be excluded.

EFA Board Member Mikaela Odemyr

EFA Vice-President - Erna Botjes

Since 2005 I am the President of Dutch Food allergy (Stichting Voedselallergie) and I have been involved in European and national projects dealing with research and improvement in the fields of allergy and patient education. In addition, I have a broad experience working in the public health sector. EFA has inspired and strengthened our organisation, it is a powerful umbrella for patient organisations that allow to link with the European level effectively.

EFA Vicepresident Erna Botjes

EFA Secretary of the Board - Carla Jones

I am Allergy UK Chief Executive, responsible for the strategic development of the charity and driving forward our mission to ‘raise the profile of allergy at all levels’ and deliver our vision that ‘everyone affected by allergy receives the best possible care and support’. I am a Social Scientist with a Masters in Human and Political Thought. Allergic disease is a global issue and it is imperative that we work together to influence public and health policy to support those living with allergic and respiratory disease. Since 2017, I am an EFA Board member with a responsibility for supporting EFA with advice on development of strategy. This includes representation at the Global Asthma and Allergy Patient Platform and being the Board liaison on indoor air quality. The impact of Brexit and how we can, through working together, minimise the effect of this for those with allergy and respiratory disease in the UK and for the patients’ organisations that support them is also a part of my role.


 Carla Jones

EFA Treasurer - Hubert Nettel

I am Board Member of Österreichische Lungenunion (Austria) where I build the relationship with the members of the Austrian Society of Pneumology and represent the organisation in external events. My 40 years’ experience working for the pharmaceutical industry have given me the opportunity to be in direct contact with physicians and patients and this relationship was a game changer to me. Now that I am retired, I wish to serve the patient community, to put my knowledge at the service of allergy and respiratory patients.

EFA Treasurer Hubert Nettel

EFA Board Member - Ilkka Repo

I am the managing director of Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation (FAAF), and the CEO of the group companies owned by FAAF, where I have been working for 8 years.  Prior to that I worked as a civil servant for almost 10 years.  At the present I am a member of the board/administrative council in several organizations such as National Institute for Health and Welfare – National Indoor Air program, Finnish National Allergy Program 2008 – 2018 and Veikkaus Oy, just to mention few. As an EFA Board Member I wish to build an even more capable, resourceful and influential EFA within EU. I believe in collaboration, teamwork and a strong and effective voice from the allergy and respiratory patient community.

Ilkka Repo2

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