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The World Health Organisation (WHO) has launched a new report that demonstrates that addressing environmental risks is essential to reduce and prevent non-communicable diseases (NCD). Among them, chronic respiratory diseases (such as asthma and COPD) are at 5th position as the most common causes of death due to NCDs. Only COPD is currently ranked 4th of the WHO’s mortality list.

According to these new findings, this situation could be avoided through healthier environments as “globally, 29% of COPD deaths are attributable to household air pollution, 8% ambient and 11% in workplaces.” Consequently, “healthier and safer workplaces could prevent around 1 million NCD deaths each year.”

At EFA we are currently addressing environmental determinants through a dedicated working group of patient experts that look at environmental determinants policy developments. We therefore welcome this new evidence and support the conclusions of the report: “strategies on access to clean energies and transport, control of industrial emissions and a safe workplace should be addressed for the prevention of cardiovascular and chronic respiratory diseases.” 

To respond to this challenge, at EFA we call for the development of a common European strategy to address NCDs, as we understand a united approach is needed to address this global problem.

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