Our health should be at the core of everything we all do. Unfortunately, we only realise how important being healthy is, when we are sick or feeling unwell. 

The more than 200 million people living with allergy and airways diseases in Europe have been carrying their disease for long time. It is time support them get the control of their lives with the disease.

#ShowLeadership pools together the motivation of patients, carers, healthcare professionals and decision-makers to overcome the situation. EFA Active Patients Access Care survey results show that despite a better understanding of the roots of allergy and an incipient mapping of how asthma and COPD develop, many patients in Europe remain unwell, rely on hospitalisations and feel unprotected against air pollution, chemicals and obesity.

Join us! Whether you are a policy-maker or a public representative, an organisation or an individual, you can make a difference on prevention and care of allergy, asthma and COPD. Only together change is possible.