Annual Report 2018

IG Allergy Asthma Policy event Research 20181009 Zaborska

From left to right, Nessa CHILDERS (Ireland, S&D), Anna ZÁBORSKÁ (Poland, EPP) and David BORRELLI (Italy, NA) hosted the Interest Group event on research for allergy and asthma held in October 2018 at the European Parliament.

Since 2015, the Members of the European Parliament Interest Group on allergy and asthma, a project led by EFA and the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) bring the needs of the patients to the top of the EU agenda. In 2018, EFA equipped the Interest Group with a modern visual identity, a new corporate website and a quarterly newsletter to support its activities within the European Parliament, and beyond.


Tackling the issue of “how to overcome the barriers to research in chronic NCDs in Europe? The case of allergy and asthma”, three Members of Parliament hosted an event organised by EFA with decision makers involved in EU research. At the meeting, past research achievements and the future necessary steps were discussed.


The upcoming EU elections in May 2019 will increase dynamics within the Interest Group. We see the new composition of the Parliament as a great opportunity to enhance and strengthen the voice of people living with allergy and asthma even more. EFA thanks and appreciates those MEPs who have supported our cause through this Interest Group and who will step down from Parliament. Thank you!