Following Belgium, Hungary has now officially taken over the Presidency of the EU, which rotates amongst the 27 Member States every 6 months. In the lead-up to this, Hungary indicated what its priorities in the area of healthcare were likely to be. This includes placing emphasis on solidarity and innovation in healthcare, despite the current economic climate. The challenges that Europe is currently facing – an ageing society, the development of new technology and the sustainability of health systems – will not be met unless this is the case, it says. It will encourage ongoing investment into sustainable healthcare, new models that increase efficiency, and the development of e-health systems. It will concentrate in particular on supporting initiatives relating to the ageing European society. Hungary has indicated that it hopes to oversee progress on certain issues that are still open, for example the draft legislation on information to patients on prescription medicines. EFA looks forward to concrete actions on behalf of the Presidency. More information: Hungarian Presidency priorities; Hungarian Presidency statement at Global Health Forum

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