Between 2010 and 2030 the number of Europeans over 65 is due to rise by 40%. This will be a major challenge for European health systems, resources and populations. In an attempt to turn these challenges into opportunities, the European Commission has dedicated the 2nd European Innovation Partnership (EIP) – an initiative of the ‘Innovation Union’, developed under the Europe 2020 Strategy – to ‘Active and Healthy Ageing’. It will have the triple aim of improving the health and quality of life of older people, enabling them to live active and independent lives, and improving the sustainability and efficiency of social and health systems across Europe. The overall aim of the Partnership will be, by 2020, to increase the average healthy lifespan of people in Europe by 2 years. It will look not only at the challenges of the health sector but its potential for innovation. Current weakness in this area will be addressed, and key stakeholders will be gathered to identify solutions. The European Commission held a public consultation on the initiative, in order to gain the views of the public on how best to bring about positive change. It was possible to make a contribution to this consultation until the 28th of January, and EFA supports the submissions of the European Patients’ Forum, and the Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL)of which we are members. For EFA, active and ‘as healthy ageing as possible’ for people with allergy and respiratory diseases (in particular COPD as patients tend to be older) has always been a priority and it therefore welcomes initiatives that enable barriers to be broken down.

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